Allison and Associates Manufacturing Company, Inc. is an family owned company based in Arkansas that offers a variety of hospital bed pads, hospital mattresses, and other products. We want to provide you and your medical facility with the best products at acceptable prices. We are the manufacturer of these items; there is no middle man with us.

We support the American worker by manufacturing all of our products here in the United States.

Does your facility need labor delivery pads, stretcher pads, hospital foam parts, or other specialty hospital pads? Allison and Associates is your source throughout Arkansas and the mid-South region for all kinds of hospital mattresses and bed pads. 

Allison and Associates Manufacturing Company, Inc.
We manufacture replacement hospital bed pads for the healthcare industry. We can construct a replacement mattress pad for your stretcher, operating room table, labor and delivery bed, baby bed, and any other type of hospital mattress. We can also replace pads for cath lab, cot, critical care, echo, hide-a-bed, total care mattresses, etc. 

Each hospital bed mattress is manufactured in accordance with the best practices known to the bedding industry and shall be clean and free from defects in material and workmanship.

We feel that our replacement hospital bed pads can match or exceed the quality of the products you are currently using in your clinic/department/hospital/operation and save you money at the same time.

We offer replacement OR pads, mattressess, stretcher pads, labor & delivery pads, covers and more!

We offer a quick turn around on our replacement items.

The (CDC) Center of Disease Control and Prevention tells hospitals to be proactive against germs. Hospital-acquired micro-organisms can cause about 2 million infections, 90,000 deaths and $4.5 billion in additional healthcare cost annually, based upon estimates by the CDC.

We offer a polycarbonate "silver" material. We weld (heat seal) all of our seams to protect the core foam from contaminants. This material, in addition to our memory foam toppers, helps in the prevention of skin breakdown.

Please contact one of our friendly sales staff to place an order with us or to discuss any questions you may have about our versatile stretcher and hospital bed pads.

Hospital Mattresses Little Rock, AR
Corporate Headquarters Address
1100 Silverwood Trail
North Little Rock, AR
Phone: 844-400-4545
Email: sales@allisonandassoc.com

Please contact us for references and pricing.
We would love to help you. Contact our sales team today.

Locally made and owned.


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