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XCPR-MF Hospital Mattress
Offers Superior Pressure Relief and Helps in the Resistance of Skin Breakdown   *    Hospitals Are Giving Us Great Reviews!    *    Pending "Pay for Performance" Legislation Can Result In Increased Hospital Reimbursement
XCPR-MF Hospital Mattress Developed with Patient Comfort &
​Satisfaction as Main Focus

Normal Delivery Time
10-15 Working Days

Patient Surface:
Mattress thickness 7"   |   Width up to 35"   |   Length up to 82"

Multi-Layered Foam
Constructed of various IFDs and densities to address the different needs of each body section:
  • Top Head/Torso: 2" Memory Foam for added comfort; prevents skin breakdown by producing pressure redistribution support system
  • Middle Head/Torso: 3" foam with 2.5 density
  • Top Heel: 2" extra-soft comfort Memory Foam
  • Middle Heel: 3" Pillow Foam with 1.8 density
  • Foundation: 2" Pillow Foam with 1.8 density
  • Perimeter Foam: Helps position patient; reduces risk of entrapment in side rails; provides safer transfer & stable edge-of-bed sitting

  • T-Green Attributes   |   Special designed Bottom Section fits Hill-Rom VersaCare Bed

Carrflex Fresche Top Cover
  • Cover features Fresche coating for Maximum chemical resistence
  • Echo-friendly cover protected by Fresche Anti-Microbial killing 99.9% of MRSA
  • Anti-bacterial - Anti-fungal - Protects against mold and odor
  • Techma-Green (T-Green) Fire Retardant meeting Cal ll7 Fire Code
  • Contains Polyurenthane/Polycarbonate providing added strength preventing chemical breakdown of fibers
  • 100% Radio Frequency Welded Seams, 100% Moisture Proof
  • 2-way stretch easily cleaned with approved cleaners
  • Foot-end hidden zipper allows easy on/off of cover

​You've made a great investment by purchasing your product from Allison and Associates. And with the proper care and maintenance your Replacement Stretcher Pad, Replacement Labor and Delivery Pad or Replacement Hospital Bed Mattress will last for years. 

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